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Does this sound like you? 

Perhaps you took lessons as a child, but you never really felt like one of those 'natural' musicians.

Perhaps you were trained traditionally and always felt you needed to have the page in front of you. 

Even though you understood it intellectually, you never really felt a natural connection to the instrument itself. You always felt 'stuck' on the page, and envied those with the freedom to just sit down and play.

Perhaps you ended up giving up, feeling like you just weren't that talented, believing you just weren't very musical.

Believe me, I get it...that was me too! 

I took lessons on and off for years as a child. I loved the piano and gravitated to it early on...but I hated taking lessons! 

Even though I had lovely teachers, I always felt constrained and restricted. While I loved to noodle around at home, making up songs, and figuring out tunes by ear, in lessons, there were strict expectations. We'd work on one or maybe two songs at a time, almost always classical, and we wouldn't move on until we'd mastered them in a precise way (or at least as close as we were going to get!).  

All the joy I'd experienced playing around at home, being creative and expressive, was replaced by work and practice and it just wasn't much fun anymore.  

Years later, as a parent, I witnessed my own daughter's natural, joyful musicality. Like every good parent, I wanted to help her develop these interests, but I knew I desperately wanted a DIFFERENT experience for her!

... the FREEDOM to just play without all the restrictions and conformity

... the immense benefits of a music education but finding JOY in the process

... an opportunity to foster CREATIVITY and a unique musical voice

And that's when I discovered Simply Music...

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