Anna has been teaching our kids music for the past 12 years. She is a wonderful, caring person who is passionate about teaching and the importance of music in everyone’s lives. She has been patient, encouraging, and adaptable just when our kids needed it. Our kids continue to want to take piano lessons because of the way that Anna makes them feel. I couldn’t recommend Grace Notes Studio more.
~Tricia Barfoot

My daughter, Sophie, is 7 and just started online lessons with Anna. It has been an amazing experience. Anna is enthusiastic, patient, fun and encouraging. Sophie is excited to be creative, to practice, to try new things and willing to make mistakes. I love that right away they are making music with two hands, and chords, and singing. It is very motivating for all of us.
~Rebekah Paetzold

Music lessons finely tuned to your child's style and needs. Warmth, kindness and gentleness is always present but exciting challenges lead to amazing progress.
~Lisa Beauseigle

My son has finished his first year with Anna in the Simply Music program. He’s a difficult one to motivate, but has enjoyed his lessons this year. What I like best about this program is that it incorporates both “traditional” piano music with learning chords and accompaniment skills right from the beginning. To me this acknowledges that while not every person who takes lessons will become a stellar pianist, if you understand the basics and how chords work you can enjoy making music for your whole life. 
Anna is super kind, has creative ways to teach concepts, and does her best to keep my son motivated. Thank you, Anna!

~Staci Vandermeer